OK, What Do I Do Now?



1. Take a look at each of the "Senior" Photo Shoot Galleries

Browse through the Senior Photo Shoot Galleries and choose the Shoot Styles you want

Then, check out the Friend’s Add-on session. We will need to know the Shoot Styles
you have chosen in order to 
make sure we allow enough time for them in our appointment schedule.
Be sure and tell us if you want the 
Friend's Add-on session as friend photos
need to be scheduled at the 
same time as your Photo Shoot.


2. Have your credit card ready

The Photo Shoots and Friend's Add-on sessions need to be paid when you schedule your Photo Shoot. MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
If you like, before you call for your appointment, you can have your parents pre-pay your Photo Shoot online - be sure to add 6.25% sales tax. Go to "Make A Secure Payment" on our website.


3. Then,  call (413) 283-9341 to schedule your Photo Shoot appointment.


4. Finally, sit back and relax! 

We will e-mail you a confirmation of your appointment along with a brochure that will help you plan your Photo Shoot to look your best. It will tell you what time to arrive your your Photo Shoot, what colors photograph best, what to bring, details on hair and makeup, glasses, etc. Be sure and bring any coupons with you to the Photo Shoot.