Studio Park Tour

Beautiful and serene describes Duval's outdoor park. You may choose to have your portrait taken at one or more of the park settings, each uniquely different and ever changing through out the seasons.

Each season the park changes its colors. In spring, the tulips and spring flowers peek through the ground with colors of soft pastel. Bright new leaves are bursting from buds. In the summer, the colors are vibrant and bold with flowers in red, pink, purple, yellow, and shades of green from the many trees.

In the fall, gone are the summer colors and in come the earthy colors. The flowerbeds transform into rusts, yellows and reds. The trees shed their green summer leaves to become autumn wonders.

Once the leaves have left the trees, the outdoor park waits. The gardens are still and unmoving. They wait for the first signs of spring: the birds chirping, the tiny little buds on the trees, the "helicopters" from the maples, and the first tulips to peek through their winter's nest.

Another year goes by at the Duval outdoor park, with each year becoming more and more beautiful.