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Portrait Packages

Ok, so how much is it all going to cost? This is the really cool part. At Duval, you decide exactly what you want in order to fit your exact needs and budget. You’ll never be pressured into getting anything you don’t want or need.

Let’s say you need one nice portrait for your wall and some wallets to give away. Does that mean you have to get some predetermined assortment with a bunch of extra pictures you don’t need? No Way. We’re the only studio that does not make you order in sheets! If you want one 5x7 you can order one 5x7! If you want two 5x7s in two different poses, you can do it! If your parents want poses that are different than the ones you want for your friends, no problem! Wallets are separate from portraits, so there will never be any conflict. Choose from many different wallet combinations.

You can either select from many different packages or create your own. Packages start at $154 and go up depending on your needs or your budget.  There is a package to fit every need and budget, including yours.

Best of all, your payments are spread over about two months, so you’ll be able to get what you want with payments well within your comfort zone.