Preparing For Your HEADSHOT Session


The first step to producing a high quality Headshot is the preparation. Keep in mind the type of publication you are submitting this portrait to, the type of business or profession you are in, and most importantly, the image you wish to portray.

Will you be targeting other professionals or the general consumer?

Clothing, background, posing, and props will play a major part in projecting your image.


Do you want a formal look or do you want a more casual image in this portrait? Will you wear a suit, sport coat, sweater, blouse, shirt and tie, or a uniform? Will you be wearing eyeglasses? Click here to download our Dressing for Success brochure.

Is your  image to be smiling, serious or both?

Your portrait can be a standard type head & shoulders style, 3/4 length, full length, or a more formal 3/4 body length style using props such as a bookcase. We can go on location to your office or place of business.

Duval has accomplished photographers and can help you project the image you are looking for.

We have prepared a separate brochure with Dressing for Success hints for your Headshot. Please click here to download a copy.