Photography by Duval | Photo Shoot Pricing

Photo Shoot Prices

The Photo Shoot price or Shoot fee is the total cost of all the Shoot Styles you choose. The Creative Photo Shoots have six Shoot Styles plus the Friends Add-on Session to select from. Style prices range from $54 to $174. 


Studio $54

Stunning classical portraiture with a traditional or casual look in our state-of-the-art camera room.Duval has the cameras, lighting and backgrounds at their disposal to make you look your very best!  Close-up or 3/4 length, hundreds of backgrounds to fit your style. Most seniors choose Studio as one of their shoot styles.

Outdoors $64

Beautiful outdoor backgrounds in our on-site Outdoor Park. Landscaped specifically for photography with stone walls, brick walks, flower gardens, the barn, the beach and more. Duval’s most popular photo shoot style, our Outdoors is simply unmatched!  Beautiful flowers for the girls, graphic elements for the guys - we have have "guy" color flowers! Go green—go Outdoors! 

About You $70

Photographs in the camera room or in our outdoor park with your wheels, uniform, instrument, pet, or hobby. Let the real you shine! This is the Shoot Style to bring your props or pet or even a horse!  If you do it, we can shoot it!

Downtown $74

An exciting photo shoot on the urban streets, railroad tracks, and edgy back alleys of Palmer. This is one of our most popular photo shoot styles!

The White Room $64

The famous White Room - often imitated but never duplicated! There’s the feminine side with soft light and misty backgrounds and there are the masculine angles with graphic elements. Natural light galore!

Destination Location $134

You choose the outdoor location: your back yard, the reservoir, waterfalls, urban setting, the beach or your favorite 'Zen' place! (Choose a location within 15 miles. We will go further, but there will be an added traveling charge).


The Extreme $174

The Extreme is you doing what you do best, in the location you do it—on the track, in the pool, in the air, at the rink, on the diamond, at the 18th green, in the stable or anything else you do. You can’t get this anywhere else! On-location action shots of you doing what you do best. Football in the stadium. Swimming in the pool. Rocking your instrument on stage.  A mid-air jump with your bike or ATV. In a field with your horse. Blasting out of a sand trap. Flying an airplane- yup - we really did that with one of our seniors. With the Extreme photo shoot, you’ll get magazine quality images you’ll treasure for the rest of your life! (Choose a location within 15 miles. We will go further, but there will be an added traveling charge).