Senior Grad Cards

Grad card samples:  Many of our samples are shown below and we have many more samples at the studio.
To see our other lines of cards, click here for more samples A AND click here for more samples B. Choose from two other lines of cards. For each link, you will be directed to a new site page.

Grad card styles:  5x7 flat, 5x7 folded, 5x7 folded Wide-format, and 5x5 triple folded.  All cards are two-sided, and come in quantities of 25. You also have a choice of card stock. Prices are for Standard Paper in Semi-gloss or Matte;  for Art Paper (water color, linen or recycled) add $5.00 per set, for Pearl Paper or Bamboo (slightly metallic) add $18 per set.

Pricing:  Call the studio for complete pricing information.

Color changes:  Color changes can usually be made. For instance, you could change a green card to a red card, etc. (with some limitations). Please ask.

Design changes:  Design changes such as overall card direction (vertical or landscape), individual picture direction (vertical or landscape), deleting photos, changing of font style or text wording, removal of flourishes (squiggly designs) depending on the card design. There is an added charge for complex changes. 

Retouching:  If you use images that you ordered from, they are retouched. If you wish to use other images, there will be a retouching charge.

To Order:  We will need to know;  1) the card name (e.g. Abstract),  2) the Volume number and Card Style, 3) the poses you would like (let us know if you need to see your images again), 4) the exact wording/dates etc, 5) Call or e-mail the studio for our order form. Using Adove Reader, you may type directly into the order form and e-mail it to us or print it and mail it to us. Cards are to be paid for in full upon placing your order. Online payments can be made at our website. Click here for online payments.

Proofs:  A full color proof will be e-mailed to you for approval. For changes (other than studio errors), there will be a slight fee for the changes and a new proof. The studio will not be responsible for errors the customer has not seen in the proof.


Abstract-Folded-Vol-4Abstract-Folded-Vol-4 Arabesque-Triple-Folded-Vol-4Arabesque-Triple-Folded-Vol-4
Argyl-Flat-Vol-1Argyl-Flat-Vol-1 Argyl-Folded-Vol-1Argyl-Folded-Vol-1
BluBird-Classic-Folded-Vol-6BluBird-Classic-Folded-Vol-6 BluBird-Flourish-Folded-Vol-6BluBird-Flourish-Folded-Vol-6
Blue-Beach-Folded-Vol-3Blue-Beach-Folded-Vol-3 Blue-Floral-Flat-Vol-1Blue-Floral-Flat-Vol-1
Blue-Geo-Flat-Vol-1Blue-Geo-Flat-Vol-1 Concrete-Flat-Vol-1Concrete-Flat-Vol-1
Blue-Grunge-Folded-Vol-3Blue-Grunge-Folded-Vol-3 Brown-Grunge-Folded-Vol-3Brown-Grunge-Folded-Vol-3
Chaps-Folded-Vol-1Chaps-Folded-Vol-1 Red-Dotted-Flat-Vol-1Red-Dotted-Flat-Vol-1
Dotty-Triple-Folded-Vol-6Dotty-Triple-Folded-Vol-6 Dreamy-Folded-Vol-4Dreamy-Folded-Vol-4
Earthy-Triple-Folded-Vol-6Earthy-Triple-Folded-Vol-6 Green-Fields-Flat-Vol-1Green-Fields-Flat-Vol-1
Living-Green-Flat-Vol-6Living-Green-Flat-Vol-6 Memories-Wide-Folded-Vol-4Memories-Wide-Folded-Vol-4
Purple-Fantasy-Blu-Flat-Vol-3Purple-Fantasy-Blu-Flat-Vol-3 Purple-Fantasy-Brn-Flat-Vol-3Purple-Fantasy-Brn-Flat-Vol-3
Purple-Pride-Folded-Vol-6Purple-Pride-Folded-Vol-6 Red-Diamonds-flat-Vol-3Red-Diamonds-flat-Vol-3
Red-Dotted-Wide-Folded-Vol-1Red-Dotted-Wide-Folded-Vol-1 Red-Sporty-Folded-Vol-6Red-Sporty-Folded-Vol-6
Red-Grunge-Flat-Vol-3Red-Grunge-Flat-Vol-3 Rugged-Flat-Vol-4Rugged-Flat-Vol-4
Rustic-Blues-Triple-Folded-Vol-4Rustic-Blues-Triple-Folded-Vol-4 Striped-Folded-Vol-4Striped-Folded-Vol-4
Sweet-Flat-Vol-1Sweet-Flat-Vol-1 Sweet-Triple-Folded-Vol-1Sweet-Triple-Folded-Vol-1
Weathered-Grey-Flat-Vol-4Weathered-Grey-Flat-Vol-4 Yellow-Floral-Flat-Vol-1Yellow-Floral-Flat-Vol-1