Photography by Duval | Design Your Own Photo Shoot

Design Your Own Photo Shoot

At Duval we have senior Photo Shoots to fit everyone’s budget. You can design your shoot around the styles of photography you like!

Your Photo Shoot is totally designed by you – with the quality you expect from Duval.


What is a Photo Shoot?

A Photo Shoot is when we take your pictures. A senior Photo Shoot is comprised of any combinations of the six Shoot Styles (background choices). You may also add the special Friend’s Add-on to your Photo Shoot. The number and types of Shoot Styles you have chosen determines how long your Photo Shoot will take. 

A Photo Shoot includes as many Shoot Styles as you want. Most seniors choose two-four Shoot Styles for maximum variety and selection.


What is a Photo Shoot Fee?

The Photo Shoot fee is the total cost of all the Shoot Styles you choose. The Photo Shoot fee reserves your appointment and insures that you will have the best photography available. The fee is not used towards your portraits and is not a deposit.

Photo Shoot Fees are paid in advance in order to reserve your appointment. When you call the studio to schedule your senior Photo Shoot, please have your MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit card ready. You may also pay by check, but we MUST receive your payment PRIOR to reserving your time.


What is a Shoot Style?

Shoot Styles are backgrounds and locations. You design your Photo Shoot by choosing the Shoot Styles you like. Each Shoot Style is priced separately. For example, indoor, outdoor and on-location settings are just some of our many shoot styles.

Some Shoot Styles are 30 minutes and some Shoot Styles are 45 minutes - it depends on the Shoot Style.  You can have as many clothing changes as you want and we take an unlimited number of “shots” during that time! If you’re a fast changer in the dressing room, we can take lots of images! For the most shots possible, plan your outfits, hairstyles, and jewelry so you can be fast and organized in your dressing room.


How Many Shoot Styles Can I Select From?

There are 7 Shoot Styles: Studio, White Room, Outdoors, About You, Downtown, Destination Location and The Extreme. You can choose as few as 1 style or as many as 7 styles. Most  seniors choose 3-4 Shoot Styles. You can also add a Friends Session to your Photo Shoot.


Can I Duplicate the Same Shoot Style More Than Once?

You may choose all different Shoot Styles or "double up" on a favorite. You can even choose the same Shoot Style for your entire Photo Shoot! For each Shoot Style, we take lots of poses. You may bring 2-4 outfits and you and your photographer will select the outfit(s) to wear for each Shoot Style. Most Shoot Styles are maximum 30 minutes including changing time, and some Shoot Styles are maximum 45 minutes or more - depending on the Shoot Style. Please remember that the longer time you take in the dressing room for each Shoot Style, the less time we have for photography. WE WILL NEED TO KNOW WHAT SHOOT STYLES AND HOW MANY YOU ARE CHOOSING IN ORDER TO SCHEDULE YOUR PHOTO SHOOT APPOINTMENT.