About the Staff


Andrea K. Edwards

Studio Manager
Customer Service
Digital Imagery



Andrea has been with our Photography by Duval family since 1999 and is an expert in all aspects of the studio from the initial customer contact to the finished portrait - and everything in-between! As the technology changed within the world of photography, so did Duval. As we approached the digital age Andrea grew even more with the company and was promoted to Studio Manager in 2012.

Her outgoing personality and cheery smile helps even the shy person have a great time!

As our Customer Service representative, she joins with the studio’s already high standards of client satisfaction to bring your experience at Photography by Duval to new and exciting levels.

Andrea will also be introducing innovative new ways for you to enjoy and share your portraits with family and friends. When you come to the studio, you will meet Andrea and she will help you with making your portrait selections. With her outgoing personality and engaging smile, you will find the entire experience at Duval to be easy and fun!

Studying at the New England Institute of Professional Photography and attending professional imaging workshops to keep up with the latest in digital imagery, Andrea has perfected her digital skills to the highest levels.

Andrea is also our digital specialist and creates beautiful montages, wall collages and special effects which enhances the already exceptional work of our photographers. Andrea is also well trained in customer service and helps our clients with selecting their portraits and framing. With her bubbly personality and her contagious smile, Andrea helps everyone to feel special and important at Duval.




Jennifer Lusty

Photographer's Assistant

Jenn has been Duval's Photographer's Assistant since 2013. Her soft voice and cheery smile helps even the shy person have a great time! You will find Jenn behind the scenes moving backgrounds and making prop changes, tucking away that stray hair, straightening clothing, lugging around big reflectors and generally helping to
make your session at Duval fun and easy.

Jenn attends Springfield College.